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RFID Blocking Fabric
Sku #:0460FQ021878
RFID Blocking Fabric Price: $Cdn 43.99 (~USD$34.31) per meter
RFID Blocking Fabric by Fabri-Quilt. Do not iron or bleach; handwash or clean with a wet tissue and cool water.
Specially engineered fabric blocks RFID (radio-frequency identification)radio waves that can steal your personal information.
Sew into wallets, handbags and any item you store important information in while on the go.
Credit cards and some identification cards emit a radio-frequency when these 'tags' come in contact with radio waves emitted from a detector/reader. This fabric will block the radio waves from getting near your ID and/or credit cards and emitting information.
50% Polyester, 27% Nickel, 23% Copper. 42-43" wide. 107-RFID
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6432-1A Street S.W., Calgary, AB T2H 0G6
(403) 253-4419 or toll free 1-877-745-6445